First entry

When I was in middle school and high school, blogging was ubiquitous. It was the first time ordinary people were expressing themselves without editorial changes and it provided a window into someone else’s lives. In Mexico, there were famous bloggers such as Plaqueta, El Guffo, El Huevo. All of them lived in an abstract space known as the blogosphere. They were the Internet celebrities of the mid-2000s for teenagers and young adults in Mexico.

On this virtual space, I would like to write about: being an international student in the U.S., doing research in high energy particle physics, graduate school lifestyle, mental health in graduate school, perspectives on academic problems. I have a directory with about ~40 files with headlines and outlines of entries I would like to write about, so I will probably stay busy for (at least) the beginning of this blog. There are other topics that I would like to write about, but they do not fall under the umbrella of the academic work, and they will probably have to be published in another blog.

A secondary effect of this blog is that it will be a pointer to my work as a graduate student. Hopefully some of the entries will complement the cold facts of my work and professional interests.